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    • Twingate Component: Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)


    If a user is no longer able to access the configured authenticator application to generate Twingate 2FA codes, they will no longer be able to access 2FA protected resources when prompted. A Twingate Administrator can reset 2FA for a user, allowing for the user to configure 2FA again for use with Twingate.


    • Permissions: Twingate Admin


    1. As a Twingate Admin, open the Twingate Admin Console in a browser. This will be https://<your_network_slug>
    2. Navigate to TeamUsers.
    3. Find the user to reset 2FA for and click on their username.
    4. You will see the option to reset on the left-hand side for the user account, you will need to hove the cursor over the option in question for the Reset icon to appear as per the screenshot below.
    5. You will be prompted to confirm the reset for the user. Review the prompt and on the click Reset button to proceed.
    6. Inform the user they will need to set up their 2FA again. When attempting to access a 2FA protected resource they will be prompted to configure it again. Further configuration details can be found in our documentation under Two Factor Authentication.