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    With the update to v1.0.0 of our Terraform provider a breaking change was made to the schema used.

    The group_ids argument is no longer supported in the twingate_resource resource (after being marked deprecated in a few previous releases).

    The original functionality of this argument has been replaced by a new access block argument which we will continue to revise moving forward.

    Terraform configurations that do not take this change into account will receive an error like the following:

    ➜  terraform git:(master) ✗ terraform validate
    │ Error: Unsupported argument

    │   on line 104, in resource “twingate_resource” “demo_resource”:
    │  104:   group_ids         = var.demo_resource_group_ids

    │ An argument named “group_ids” is not expected here.

    While this is a small change, it may affect multiple spots in your existing Terraform configurations. In order to ensure your configuration takes advantage of the new access block argument, please review the following example:

    resource “twingate_resource” “resource” {
      name = “network”
      address = “”
      remote_network_id =
      # This argument is now invalid outside of the new access block
      # group_ids = []
      access {
        group_ids = []