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    • Component: Client
    • Platform: Windows


    The Twingate TAP adapter is a vital component of the Windows Client. Without the Twingate TAP Adapter's presence or interference from third party software, the Client will be unable to operate.


    • The Twingate Client fails to start.

    • The steps outlined in our article Windows Twingate Client: System Service Is Not Running do not resolve the issue.

    • The message TapAdapterExistence details is seen in the log %LOCALAPPDATA%\\Twingate\\logs\\Twingate.log, whereas there is a PreconnectionFault is logged as per the example snippet below:

      2022-06-06 15:06:12.4932 [ERROR] ClientPreconnectionChecksRunner.CallService ClientPreconnectionChecksRunner.Start failed. TapAdapterExistence details: Twingate System.ServiceModel.FaultException`1[Twingate.Client.Common.PipeService.Contracts.ConnectionFaults.PreconnectionFault]: Twingate (Fault Detail is equal to Twingate.Client.Common.PipeService.Contracts.ConnectionFaults.PreconnectionFault).
    • The error Twingate adapter is missing from the computer is seen in the log %LOCALAPPDATA%\\Twingate\\logs\\Twingate.Service.log

      2022-06-06 15:21:31.2647 [ERROR] ConnectionService.RunPreconnectionChecks Connect preconnection check failed Twingate.Client.Common.PreconnectionChecks.Exceptions.PreconnectionException: Twingate adapter is missing from the computer


    • Ensure Twingate TAP-Windows Adapter V9 network adapter is enabled.
    • Ensure Twingate TAP-Windows Adapter V9 is named correctly.
    • Ensure that only one instance of the Twingate TAP-Windows Adapter V9 exists.
    • Ensure no other VPN, tunnel, or DNS providers that utilize a TAP adapter are installed and conflicting. Reference Known Incompatibility Overview


    • Uninstall other known incompatible software.
    • Uninstall the Twingate Client, delete the Twingate TAP adapter, and reinstall the Twingate Client.

    If this does not resolve the issue there might be a problem in the registry \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Enum\ROOT\NET\0000 where the friendly name is not mapped correctly. It should be exactly: Twingate TAP-Windows Adapter V9. This requires a regedit and should only be performed after proper registry backups. As registry edits can be dangerous actions and if you require further instructions to make this change, please create a Support Request for