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    Applicable to:

    • Twingate Component: Windows Client
    • Version(s): 2024.63 and older to 2024.142


    When upgrading the Windows Client via Intune from 2024.63 or older to version 2024.142, the NETWORK= param will be ignored in the config file.


    In the latest version of our Windows Client, we leverage a secure storage credential that ends up being unpopulated, and the contents of the config file are ignored. This happens specifically when upgrading via Intune, from 2024.63, to 2024.142.

    This issue is not present when upgrading from later versions (2024.123) and up, via Intune.


    Users can manually browse to the Credential Manager:

    • Control Panel > User Accounts Web Credential Manager
    • Remove the twingate-client AppSettings entry
    • Restart the client

    Screenshot 2024-07-10 at 3.02.38 PM.png