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    Applicable to:
    • Twingate Component:Client
    • Platform: Linux
    • Operating System: Xubuntu / Kubuntu / Any Linux Platform using KDE as the Window Manager
    • Docker


    The KDE WindowManager appears to have odd interactions with the NetworkManager service and notifications when you are running Docker on your system and connect to a “VPN” - the behaviour is also exhibited when connecting to a Twingate remote network.


    When connecting to a Twingate network, a number of network popups will appear suggesting the connection has been interrupted on the vEth (virtual network) devices created by Docker, or on the Wireless adapter in the device.

    No actual connection loss occurs, it is simply notifications


    Cannot directly resolve the issue however we can “disable” NetworkManager popups for the Docker bridged interfaces which eliminates the “noise”. This is not ideal but it is the closest thing to a solution we have.

    1. Edit


    2. At the bottom add:


    3. Save the file

    4. Restart NetworkManager

    sudo systemctl restart network-manager.service

    or reboot the machine.