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    Which Twingate Resources a given end user has access to depends on their Group assignment. In Twingate, Resources are assigned to 0 to many Groups and Users are also assigned to 0 to many Groups.

    The Twingate Client for a given end user will only show the list of Resources they have access to and nothing else.

    On MacOS & Windows devices

    Check that the end user sees the Resource definition in their Twingate Client by clicking on the Twingate Client's icon when logged in.

    On Linux devices

    In a shell window, run the following command:

    twingate resources

    The expected output is the complete list of Resources the end user can access.

    Check port restrictions

    Twingate Resources can be configured to either block or allow certain ports, make sure the port(s) used by the underlying services the end user is connecting to are not blocked (22 for ssh, 3389 for RDP, etc.).


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