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    Twingate provides technical support for Twingate related issues. When engaging Technical Support, please reference the priority levels below as they align to your issue. Proper alignment of priority to the reported issue is appreciated.


    • A valid Twingate license inclusive of Support is required.
    • Starter and Teams plans can post in our Twingate Subreddit for guidance as needed.

    Please be advised: we may not be able to provide Technical Support without an active and valid Twingate subscription due to volume constraints.

    Priority Level Description

    P1 (Urgent)

    Operation of the core or mission critical services are critically affected (not responding to requests or serving content) for a large number of users; no workaround available.
    Example: Most users are unable to authenticate to sign in and access resources.

    P2 (High)

    Services are responding and functional, but performance is degraded and/or an incident has potentially severe impact on the operation of the Services for multiple users.
    Example: a Connector or Remote Network experiencing an issue, multiple users are unable to access Resources as a result.

    P3 (Normal)

    Non-critical issue; no significant impact on performance of the Services, but user experience may be affected for specific users.
    Example: a user is having an issue with the Twingate Client or accessing a Twingate Resource.

    P4 (Low)

    Non impacting; informational.