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    • Twingate Component:  Client | Device Security | Crowdstrike
    • Platform: macOS | Windows


    CrowdStrike is connected and working but not detected by Twingate.


    • CrowdStrike is successfully installed on the host and is reporting into the CrowdStrike dashboard.
    • The same device/host in Twingate shows "CrowdStrike not detected" status.



    The CrowdStrike Zero Trust Assessment feature is likely not enabled. This integration requires that the CrowdStrike Falcon Zero Trust Assessment feature is enabled. Without this feature, the ZTA file described below will not be deployed on devices.

    See CrowdStrike Configuration for further information.



    • Verify the data.zta file in the below corresponding directories is neither missing nor empty.
      macOS: /Library/Application Support/Crowdstrike/ZeroTrustAssessment/
      Windows: %ProgramData%\CrowdStrike\ZeroTrustAsssessment\


    Enable the CrowdStrike Zero Trust Assessment feature. CrowdStrike customers can ask that this functionality be enabled by reaching out to the CrowdStrike customer support team directly.