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    Applicable to:

    • Twingate Component: Client
    • Platform: Windows
    • Platform OS: All current Windows releases


    After enabling Screen Lock as a requirement for resource access,  the client posture check does not detect it as active and user is unable to connect to a resource that requires it. 



    • Unable to access resources that require screen lock enabled even though device does have it enabled.


      You see the following entry in the client logs : 
      [INFO][client]Client posture data collected. {"IsScreenSaverSecure":false} 


    To verify if screen lock is enabled, Twingate uses the user32.dll and more specifically the SystemParametersInfo function. 

    NOTE: It is recommended best practice to back up the registry before making any changes to it, regardless how minor they may be.

    The parameter in question is tied to the registry value ScreenSaverISSecure under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop (as per the example below).

    As long as the value is set to 1, the device will pass the Twingate security checks.