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    Applicable to:

    • Twingate Component: Client | Connector
    • Platform: Any (?)
    • NETGEAR router with NETGEAR Armor active


    Connections to the Twingate URL are blocked by router security, resulting in them to fail.


    • after a successful installation, the network URL is entered
    • the client seems to connect but it does not
    • there are no other VPN active
    • other connections appear to work fine.


    The NETGEAR armor blocks the connections.


    It is possible to resolve the issue by disabling NETGEAR armor.

    If this is not possible or desired, this NETGEAR KB explains how to configure an exception for Twingate: NETGEAR Armor is blocking URLs that I want to access; what do I do?

    Reference Allowlist for outbound connections to Twingate infrastructure for all applicable Twingate URLs.