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    While Twingate does not explicitly block certain regions or countries, some countries may block traffic essential for Twingate functionality. Additionally, our upstream provider, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), does block some regions or countries.

    While access to <tenant> in a browser might work, access to other Twingate Controller or Relay services might be blocked, either at a DNS, IP, or port 

    Unsupported Regions

    Regions known to either block Twingate connectivity, or be blocked via GCP are listed below. This list is not exclusive to other areas that may restrict internet traffic.

    • China - The Great Firewall of China has been observed to interfere with connectivity to either the Twingate Connector or Twingate Relay services, rendering instability or full connection. Most commonly observed is the Twingate Connector losing connectivity to the Twingate Relays.
    • Crimea
    • Cuba
    • Donetsk People's Republic
    • Luhansk People's Republic
    • Iran
    • North Korea
    • Syria


    Unfortunately, there aren't any immediate workarounds Twingate can suggest or provide in these instances. There may be security or legal barriers, in addition to regional filtering directly from countries or the geopolitical landscape that are beyond the control of Twingate.

    It is advised to deploy Connectors outside of regions that may be impacted by such regional filtering when possible.