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    Applicable to:
    • Twingate Component: Client
    • 3rd Party: Cisco Umbrella


    We do our best to make our software compatible with most products and services that are used in the corporate environment. However, some products are not compatible at this time, generally because they are trying to use the same system functionality that we require for operation.

    Due to conflicts around DNS resolution, Cisco Umbrella is currently incompatible. If both Twingate and Umbrella are installed, neither will likely work properly. 


    Cisco Umbrella must be uninstalled or the Cisco Umbrella service must be stopped and disabled from running (not simply exiting the program) for Twingate to work properly.

    AnyConnect (with Umbrella) can be configured to operate with Twingate. Reference the Configuring AnyConnect (with Umbrella) documentation guide for further information.