In this article:
    Applicable to:
    • Twingate Component: Client
    • Platform: macOS, other platforms untested.
    • 3rd Party: AdGuard for Mac, other AdGuard OS installations untested.
      • Note: AdGuard DNS and AdGuard Home products that are non-OS installed applications are not applicable. There is not any unexpected incompatibility with the configured network DNS servers resolving DNS queries upstream to the Device.


    We do our best to make our software compatible with most products and services that are used in the corporate environment. However, some products are not compatible or may required additional configuration. Generally because they are trying to use the same system functionality that we require for operation.

    Depending on your Adguard Ad Blocker configuration, the below resolution might resolve the Adguard installed application from preventing Twingate to operate as a transparent proxy for your DNS Twingate Resources.


    When the Adguard client is active, Twingate DNS Resources will not resolve for connections. 


    macOS Devices:

    After installing the Adguard for Mac application, perform the below steps in Adguard to allow the Twingate Client to operate as a transparent DNS proxy to resolve Twingate defined DNS Resources. 
      Note: This has been briefly tested, full interoperability has not been verified.

    1. Open the Adguard application.
    2. Click the Gear icon.
    3. Click Preferences.
    4. Click the Network icon at the top of the preferences window.
    5. Next to the Filtering Mode configuration, click Change Mode.
    6. Select Automatic Proxy.
    7. Click Apply.