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    If a Connector is launched either with expired or otherwise deleted tokens, the Connector will appear to be "Offline," and generate an error code 410 similar to the log lines you see below. This can happen after an incomplete or unsuccessful update attempt.


    • Connectors offline with Authentication [INFO] [libsdwan] sdwan_state: Offline User
    • Connectors offline with Gone, code 410
    [INFO] [connector] State: Error
    [DEBUG] [libsdwan] [controller] run_state_machine: Pre-unrecoverable error
    [DEBUG] [libsdwan] resetting configuration
    [WARN] [libsdwan] [controller] operator(): failed to get SD: Gone, code 410


    If re-using a system/device, purge the Twingate Connector service like:

    sudo apt purge twingate-connector


    dnf rm twingate-connector

    Then, re-launch with new script generated by the Twingate Admin Console.