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    • Twingate Component:  Connector


    While the Client is working fine, connections to Resources are failing because the Twingate Connector fails to connect to the Twingate Relay architecture.


    • Connector is successful with outbound internet traffic and meets all Network Requirements.
    • No connections to Resources are possible.
    • Connection details in the Twingate Administrator console show Connector unable to connect to the Resource.


    • You see errors like these in the Connector logs:
      [Timestamp][Connecor]: [ERROR] [libsdwan] listen::channel_event: Failed to preconnect a relay listener "ice://any": 110 (Connection timed out)
      [Timestamp][Connecor]: : [ERROR] [libsdwan] listen::maintain_relay_connectivity: relay [IP address and port] is not available, disconnect
    • There may also be messages stating:
      resource temporarily unavailable


    The Connector VM instance only has a public IPv6 address assigned to it.


    Ensure a public IPv4 address is assigned to the Connector instance.