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    Active subscriptions to Business or Enterprise plans are entitled to production break/fix email Technical Support services. Prior to engaging Twingate Technical Support for break/fix assistance, please ensure the Self-Serve Resources do not remediate the issue at hand.

    Our team provides support during North America regular business hours, Monday-Friday, excluding US holidays.

    Starter, Teams, and trial Business accounts are not entitled to raise Support Requests. This channel of support is exclusive to active Business or Enterprise subscriptions.

    Such accounts will be unable to sign into the Twingate Help Center. We encourage such accounts to utilize the Self Service Resources below or post on the Twingate Forum for assistance.


    Pre-sales or trial Business accounts

    • Please contact your sales representative to have support requests managed through one line of communication.
    • For self-serve trial customers without a sales representative, please reach out to our onboarding team (, or post on the Community Forum for assistance.

    Further information regarding subscription entitlement is available at Twingate Plans.

    Self-Serve Resources


    • Active subscription of Business or Enterprise plans. Further details of plan offerings can be found at Twingate Plans.

    • An active Twingate Admin role to authenticate into the Twingate Admin Console

      End Users

      Please directly engage your Twingate Admins for any Twingate related inquiries or issues. Due to security and liability reasons, Twingate personnel are required work directly with Twingate Admins.

    What Does Technical Support Assist With?

    Areas Twingate Technical Support can provide assistance:

    • Native Twingate Connector or Twingate Client fault/errors.
    • Twingate component or feature not working as expected.
    • Twingate Resource connection troubleshooting assistance if the Self-Serve Troubleshooting Guide does not resolve the observed issue.

    Areas Twingate Technical Support is NOT able to provide assistance:

    • Billing - Please see Subscription Management.
    • Access or Permissions - To uphold the security of our customers, Twingate personnel are unable to perform user account changes (such as 2FA reset or changing a user's role). **
    • Twingate implementation or configuration. Please contact your sales representative should you require assistance with these.
    • Issues that arise with third party applications, operating systems, networks, or known incompatibilities.
      • Twingate is unable to provide support for environmental configurations that break Twingate functionality.
    • Twingate CLI, Custom API scripts, or deployment scripts.

    Opening a Support Request

    1. Prior to opening a Support Request, ensure you're not running into common issues or misconfiguration found in the Self-Serve Troubleshooting Guide.

    2. Navigate to your Twingate Admin Console.

    3. Click Support in the top right corner.

      Integrated Azure AD instances

      Synced accounts are required to have an email address. If the Azure AD account does not have an email address for the Azure AD account, you will not be able to login. Please add an email address for the Azure AD account in Azure AD to sync the email address with Twingate.

    4. You will be authenticated and redirected to the Twingate Help Center.

    5. Click Open a Support Request in the top right corner.

    6. Input the below fields as they relate to your request:

      Request Type: Technical Support

      Issue Type: Select the type of issue observed.

      Affected Twingate Component: Select the applicable component impacted.

      Priority: Select the priority level as it aligns to Technical Support Priority Levels, unless your contract indicates differently.

      Urgent is reserved for full production down instances impacting multiple users.

      Subject: Brief statement of your issue


      It is our goal to provide you with a solution as quickly as possible. Please answer or provide the below details to help speed things along.

      • The name or ID of the Connector, Resource, User, or Device impacted.
      • Any applicable results from Self-Serve Troubleshooting Guide.
      • Has this ever worked?
      • Has anything changed?
      • When the issue occurs or had occurred (timestamp).
      • How often does the issue happen?
      • Any relevant error messages available.
      • Is this is an isolated issue or wide-spread?


      Please include the full log bundle of the Twingate component affected for our analysis. Instructions for obtaining full log bundles can be found at Client Logs or Connector Logs.

    7. Once you're ready, click Submit.

    I Created a Support Request, Now What?

    You will get an email when your Support Request has been created.

    Our Technical Support Engineering team provides support during North America business hours, Monday-Friday, excluding US holidays.

    Our teams will review the reported issue and reach out via email to work with you on your issue.

    Accessing your Support Request

    You can utilize the Twingate Help Center to review your open requests.

    1. Via the Twingate Admin Console, click Support.
    2. You will be authenticated and redirected to the Twingate Help Center.
    3. Click your username at the top right of the Twingate Help Center > My activities.
    4. Select the applicable open or closed Support Request.
    5. Replies or attachments can be added to your open Support Request.

    ** In extraordinary circumstances where Twingate personnel are required to intervene for account recovery, sufficient proof-of-identity showing ownership of the user account's email domain will be required.