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    • Twingate Component: Client
    • Platform: Linux
    • Version: 1.0.49


    The Twingate Linux Client, version 1.0.49, has a known issue that can result in the Linux Client to crash in some environments. 


    • The Linux Client crashes after running without issue for some time. Generally it will run without issue for 5-10 minutes before crashing.
    • The below Bad file descriptor message is seen in the Linux Twingate Client Logs.
      [warn] Epoll ADD(4) on fd 14 failed. Old events were 0; read change was 0 (none); write change was 1 (add); close change was 0 (none): Bad file descriptor


    This issue is resolved in later versions of the Linux Client. Upgrade through your applicable Linux package manager.

    • Arch/pacman and Debian/apt based systems will update automatically when our hosted install script is rerun:
      curl -s | sudo bash 
    • With Fedora or CentOS Stream/DNF based systems, this must be done manually via the following command:
      sudo dnf update twingate -y