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    Applicable to:
    • Twingate Component: Connector
    • Platform: Docker for macOS


    In order to access a local service as a Twingate Resource on a macOS host, whereas the Twingate Connector is running as a Docker Container, additional arguments need to be added for the Container. Without the arguments, the Twingate Connector won't be able to successfully connect to the local service on the macOS host.


    • macOS host with Docker Desktop for Mac installed


    1. Start the Twingate Connector as a Docker container with the below argument, replacing <hostname.internal> to the internal hostname of your choosing.
      --add-host <hostname.internal>:host-gateway
      An example of the full command to start the Twignate Connector as a Twingate Connector would look as below, whereas <> will be variables specific to your deployment

    2. In the Twingate Admin Console, add <hostname.internal> as a Twingate Resource for the Remote Network the Twingate Connector resides in.