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    • Platform: Windows


    This documents describes how to view and export Microsoft Windows event log. These logs are sometimes necessary to troubleshoot issues impacting the Twingate Client from starting or running as expected.


    • Access to the Event Viewer application and the underlying event logs. In some environments access may be restricted by the IT or Security Teams.


    The steps to export the Windows application event log on a current Windows version are as follows:

    1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard to bring up the start menu, type Event and then select the Event Viewer app once it appears.
    2. Double click on the Windows Logs section to expand it.
    3. Select the Application event log by highlighting it.
    4. On the right-hand side, under Actions, select Save All Events As...
    5. This opens the Save As dialogue box where you enter a File name and ensure Event files (*.evtx) is selected in the Save as type section.
    6. Select the System event log by highlighting it and follow steps 4 and 5 again to export it as well.


    Note: Depending on the size of the event log, it may be useful to to zip and compress the file so it can be sent more easily.