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    Applicable to

    • Twingate Component: Windows Client 
    • Version: 2024.99


    After upgrading to the Twingate Windows Client 2024.99, the user will need to input the Network name again and log in / authenticate.


    This is a known issue with the Twingate Windows Client 2024.99, which our developers are aware of and they will address in the upcoming version.


    Unmanaged devices

    There is no workaround besides users signing into the Twingate Network again after upgrade to 2024.99

    Managed devices

    Update the Client via the MSI installer to update the Client with the following argument included, replacing <subdomain> with your Twingate Subdomain.

    TwingateWindowsInstaller.msi network=<subdomain>

    note: the update process via MSI will take longer but this should update the Client without the need for users to input the Network name on managed devices.